IMG_3654The quote, we must learn to livetogether as brothers or perish together as fools relates to Touching Spirit Bear because Cole hasn’t learned this lesson yet. Cole is stealing, bullying, and being angry with him and others. He hasn’t learned how to live peacefully.
If Cole uses the advice from the Martin Luther King Jr. quote he would learn how to treat others with respect and will realize that he needs others to become successful, In school, at home, and eventually with a job. Cole would learn that his foolish ways will only attract more foolish people.
Martin Luther King Jr. said this quote because in the 1960s there was racism. We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools relates to racism because he had to go to through people not working together. Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader.

Journal Entry Number 2

If I could jump into the book after he burned all of the supplies,I would use a lot of different strategies. I could act like I was Rue in the Hunger Games and stay in the trees some of the time. I would climb in trees and make a bed at night and stay up there. In the trees I could hopefully find eggs or something to eat. When I am up in the trees I can protect myself from certain animals like the Spirit Bear.

I would try another strategy too. I would try to be a guy like Bear Grylls. I would stay on the ground instead of being up in the trees. For sleeping wise I would try to build a hammock out of tough straw and wood. When I was hungry I would make a piece of wood sharp and try to find a rabbit or a bird. When the Spirit Bear came I would use my common sense and not charge at a bear with a knife and a spear.I would simply wait for it to go by.

Another strategy that I could use is the way Brian survived in The Hatchet. The first thing that I would do is build a fire. I would try to kill animals such as rabbits to roast over the fire. When it turned nighttime I would make a bed out of wood to sleep in. In the morning I would pick some berries to eat. I would also set a fire just incase a plane flies by and come to pick me up because they didn’t know what I did. Everyday I would keep doing the same thing until eventually it would be one year.

I think that the best thing to do is combine all of these strategies. I would sleep in the trees like Rue’s plan. I would make a hammock like Bear Grylls. For food I would do all three of those eat eggs,roots, berries, and rabbits. If I saw the Spirit bear I would leave it alone. Those are all of the strategies that I would use if I ever got stranded on a island like Cole. All of those benefits would help me survive.

Journal Entry Number one.

For Journal entry number one, I chose what issue in your book is the most interesting. I chose the part where Cole slams Peter’s head into the cement. I think it is very ridiculous. Cole shouldn’t beat up someone just because he told on him. Cole is out of his head if he thinks that he can beat up anyone and I think that that that is ridiculous because if he goes around beating up people, it’s not right and crazy What I don’t get is if Cole has been bad all of his life I think that it is ridiculous that his parents have not done that much to help him out. I know that if I was that troubled that my parents would get me a counselor and a ton of help.

Cole is so troubled that it is ridiculous that he hasn’t got thrown to a place like Ketichikan before. So far this entire book has been hard to believe because if I was a police officer I would have stop his behavior because if he kept that up he might kill someone. In jail he wouldn’t be able to do anything. In the wilderness he could do whatever! I think that they should just throw him in jail because when he is in Ketchikan he has an attitude that he’s not going to change. That is ridiculous because at sometime he has to change or he will never become successful. Cole has had a lot of chances to change but, he hasn’t.

Cole makes very bad choices and ridiculous to think that the world is his. Cole thinks he is the king of The World and everybody has to worship him. That is ridiculous that he thinks that he can do whatever he wants. Somebody needs to teach Cole a lesson that he is not the only person in the world. If he thinks that he’s the only person that is important he will never become successful. He says to people that they should die because they deserve it . Someone needs to tell him that he is not the boss of the Universe.So far in this book Cole has been very ridiculous .