"Peace is given, not taken. A quote made by me. I live by this day by day, I don't want to be a bully and have everyone be scared of me kind of peace. I'd rather have people be friends with me. And they can choose to make peace or no. If I "took" the peace, like a bully would, she/he most likely thinks the is peace. Everyone is taking risks because a simple rumor or a wrong move could rip it away. If we fought over peace, there would be war all the time. Which is why it is so risky trying to make peace. The world wars, for example. The Soviet Union made peace by eliminating Hitler. That was a risk, considering that Hitler most likely had whole armies surrounding him. Peace is easy to earn and hard to take"

Journal 1

What issue in your book is the most interesting? Upsetting? Familiar? Ridiculous? Confusing?Shyann Farley

When I started reading the book I thought Cole was just a kid with some troubles. Getting more into the book I discovered he has been making very bad decisions and it makes him look kinda like an idiot when he burned down the shelter that was built for him in chapter 2, and then tried to ‘swim away’ from the island in chapter 3. I thought he was even more of an idiot than before, considering it is probably impossible to swim that far without some type of floating item to keep you afloat so you don’t drown, like a log or something. In chapter 4 I began to feel a little bad for Cole because of the fact that his parents got drunk all of the time and abused him, but this did not change the fact that Cole is making some very bad choices. These bad choices could probably be a result of what his parents do to him from his past, for example, his father beat him until his was numb, and his mother didn’t really care, and got drunk too. The poor choices he makes is probably because his father pushed him too hard and his mother didn’t care. The poor choices could connect through that, like stealing for instance, that could be the result of his parents getting drunk. Beating someone? That could be because his father beats him numb, and the only way he sees to release that anger is to do it to someone else. All points of his bad decisions will always lead back to something his parents did to him, sometimes he might even make them on his own without influence. But that doesn't change all of the bad decisions he’s made. I hope in further chapters he begins to ‘heal’ and learn what it is like to not do all of those bad things, and have people care for him for real.

Journal 2

Which part of the story caused the most intense feelings in you?
Shyann Farley
In chapter 7 near the end of the chapter, it showed the spirit bear once more. Except this time, Cole was angrier because he was not able to get off the island by swimming, and he had to survive a few days. He had a makeshift spear and a dagger from last time the spirit bear appeared. In chapter 8 he tries to kill the spirit bear, but the bear feels threatened and the bear attacked him. Having been seeing a mauling before, I knew the outcome of this was not going to be good. I kept thinking Cole would be okay, and have just a large bite wound or two, how wrong I had been. In the later parts of the chapter, I felt sad when he was grabbing anything in sight that was nailed to the floor to get away from the bear. Even devils club, the horror he must have felt must have been overwhelming, I would have passed out by then. It picks Cole up by his side, clamping harder and harder. Cole tried vain attempts to stab the spirit bear. The raging animal only grew angrier. With one final crunch, the bear had cracked Cole’s pelvis. Cole was in a lot of pain, but at the point when the bear broke his pelvis, he shouldhave probably played dead and the bear might stop the mauling. The spirit bear drops Cole and claws his chest open. The animal was still plowing through Cole like fresh kill. Making Cole feel the pain. It made me completely thoughtless, why didn’t the bear just finish him off already? The pain was enough... I thought the bear was done, but what happened next shocked me even more. The bear swung him around by his arm. Quite a few bones should have been broken, but to my surprise none had been broken except, of course the bones in the arm that he had been swung around by. The next part really got me and I actually winced because I could feel that splintering pain, just thinking about it hurt. The spirit bear broke his ribs and I thought they would puncture his lungs and he would for sure die, and the spirit bear was going to finally finish him off. But no, no pain was relieved by death. The spirit bear wandered off after taking Cole within an inch of his life. This made me angry that the bear did this, angry that Cole actually tried to kill it. After I read this chapter I was very sad for Cole because he could possibly slowly die and no one would find him for a year.

Journal 3

Which part of what you read today were you able to visualize the best and why?
Shyann Farley

In the beginning of chapter 11 there is a mouse that is in Cole’s hand, squirming, biting and basically doing anything it can to get away from Cole. I was able to visualize a small squirming body in a tight gripping hand, waiting to eat its kill. Cole brought the mouse into his mouth and bit down once, the first time I imagined a bone breaking painfully as the mouse squirmed around and bit his tongue and lips. Eventually Cole gets the mouse in between his back teeth and bites down hard. I can imagine the sickening crunch and the cracking skull as Cole bit down. He let his jaw rest for a while before beginning to chew, “salty fluids filled his mouth” I can imagine the blood starting to flow out into his mouth as he chewed up the small rodent. He imagined that food was energy and energy was life. When he got everything crunched up, and he swallowed everything of the mouse. He had laid exhausted by eating the mouse. I would be exhausted too if I ate fur bones, guts, everything. I can imagine this scene best because I can almost feel the mouse squirming and biting at me as I read it, it was so very well detailed and while it was a bit sad and creepy, I could visualize this scene best.