This quote by J.K. Rowling basically says that even when everything else is torn away from you, you still have something to hold onto whatever that thing is its there. Whether its your family or your friends. its there.

This quote is inspiring to me because it makes me feel like life isn’t all bad. If you think it can’t get any worse it probably can. With Cole he probably just hasn’t found it yet.

Journal Entry One
what issue in touching spirit bear is most ridiculous?

The most ridiculous thing that happened in this book was when Cole tried to swim to his escape but ended up in his burning shelter. How would you not have noticed if you were drifting toward the island backwards? When he finally does notice he’s in open water.

I also thought it was ridiculous when Cole burnt all of the food because he needs it and he was going to swim; away why wouldn’t he take the food with him on the boat? It would just be easier to take the boat instead of swimming away anyway. It would take longer and fatigue him more

I think Cole is just stupid in general; he has no concern for human life. I know he was abused by his parents but thats not an excuse to be violent. He just thinks no rules apply to him. He even said he went to countless therapists and psychologists how much could it hurt just to listen to one of them. He is just being selfish they are trying to help him and he just acts like it’s a big game.

Journal Entry 2
What keeps going through your head about this book?

The thing that keeps going through my head about this book is how devoted Garvey is to Cole. Even though Cole pretty much hates him completely, he doesn't mind he always gives him his full attention. I don’t think Cole understands how devoted he is otherwise he would be nice to him or at least respect him. If you think about it Cole doesn't really respect anyone, not because he doesn't want to because he doesn't know how. All his life all he has been taught is hate and neglect. Until chapter 12 when he realizes “Yes the world was beautiful!”. Thats when he gets saved by Garvey; thats when he realizes people do care Also in chapter 13 when Garvey says “Rosey and I will be here all night with you” he is reassured of this. He now respects the fact that he has friends and people who care about him. Cole now knows that not everybody is out to get him.

The other thing that keeps going through my head about this book is how much worse can Cole’s life get? He gets abused by his parents, he’s a fugitive, he gets sent to an isolated island and then he gets mauled by a bear. It really says how good we have it compared to other people. We all have bad days but some people have worse days than others. For example, lets say your dog ran away and you say something like “can this day get any worse”. Even though it may not get any worse for you, but somewhere across the country someone figured out they have cancer. So next time you're having a “bad day” somebody might be getting mauled by a bear. If Cole were to die he would probably appreciate it more than surviving because if he survives then he would have to go to prison and all his life was spent trying to stay out of jail.