James Baker
Question 2
The problem that I think is most ridiculous is that Cole is very smart survival wise because he burnt all of his supplies. when I say stupid I mean like he might be smart school wise but he might not be very smart survival wise or helping wise. He isn’t very smart survival wise because he burnt his supplies now he has no food he has to go around and find his food and that takes up your energy so by the time you’ve killed an animal and cooked it you’ll be all out of energy. I think burning his supplies and his shelter is ridiculous because he’s practically killing himself.He has no walls or roof to protect him from animals and the weather. He also has no food he can hunt but he burnt his supplies so now he can’t hunt.
He doesn’t listen to directions very well either, he tried to burn the At’oow when he was told to keep it safe. When Garvey comes and sees the burnt hut Cole will be in trouble and when Garvey does come Cole will probably be almost dead. Now Cole is going to think he’s stupid for destroying his supplies.

Once Cole gets back from swimming in the freezing cold water to escape which by the way he failed to do so he finally notices that he shouldn’t have burned all of his gear because now he’s starving, and cold. HIs energy is all out and hes freezing that is never a good thing so now he runs off into the woods to find a little bit of fish left by the birds. But something has happened thats pretty good the At’oow did not burn and so know he has something to keep him warm. I think so far that these are some of the most ridiculous problems in the book so far.

Journal Entry 2 James Baker

Question 3


Here is a problem that Cole is facing is that he is lying on the ground thirsty, hungry and he doesn’t have any energy. The reason why he is on the ground helpless to the biting of the flies because he tried to attack the spirit bear but instead of Cole killing the spirit bear the spirit bear practically killed Cole.Now Cole lays on the ground with giant scratches all over him vomit next to his face, and bugs attacking his wounds. Cole also doesn’t have decent food the things he eats are live animals, live bugs, and grass.He doesn’t have much water other than the rain.

Cole doesn’t have the energy to even crawl or wave his hand. The only thing that is good right now is that Cole has noticed that he has spent his life the wrong way and he needs to change. He notices this now because he lays there helpless and he knows how others feel and he doesn’t want people to feel like this.Soon the spirit bear walks over to Cole but Cole isn’t as scared because he wants to die right now because he is in so much pain and he knows the spirit bear has come to finish his work. But the spirit bear does not come to kill him all it does is stare at Cole. So Cole pets the bear because he wants to feel the animal that has killed him but as I said before the bear does not kill him it walks to the shore gets in the water and swims away. What this symbolizes is that Cole now knows how others feel and I think this symbolizes how he knows it. Cole is safe but he is still hungry. But he loses conscious when he woke up he found a mouse on his arm he caught it in his hand and ate it but by the time he was done his mouth was swollen and tired.

Cole lays there dying but he still wants to live but he wanted to change. Cole finally notices that the world is beautiful even the stuff that looks ugly at first it is still beautiful and Cole finally notices and this is what makes him want to change. Those are some of the problems that Cole is having.

By: James Baker
Anger is an acid that can do more damage to the vessel holding it than anything it is poured upon. That quote was made by Mark Twain and what it means is that anger will hurt you more than anybody you unleash your anger upon. If you take a risk like stealing etc and you get caught you get really mad so no one really likes you because you’re always angry and that will hurt you more because you have no friends.

When you don’t get over your anger it is sometimes called holding a grudge. Heres an example lets say you and a friend are robbing a store and your friend decides that he’s going to turn you in. So he turns you in and your mad at him but you shouldn’t because it was your idea to rob the store. Also you might be so mad that your mad at everyone.
Anger will hurt you more because it might be your best friend that your mad at and you and you want to hang out with him but he’s mad at you and so he doesn’t want to be around you. There is an advantage though if you are mad at someone you will try and be better at things and that can make successful.

Anger is an acid that can do more to the vessel holding it than anything it is poured upon.
-Mark Twain