The quote ‘’start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can ‘’ means a lot to me. It’s really just saying give it everything you got but don’t push it. It’s a great philosophy because it applies to everyone. You could be the smartest man alive and benefit from it. It’s something that is used in everyday life. If someone were to follow the last part of that rule then they could be extremely successful. Success if 5% brains, 5% luck, and 90% effort. You need it all.
Arthur Ashe stated this right before he became the best male tennis player in the world (at that time). He was the first African American to win Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, and the Australian Open! That is extremely impressive. He took a risk by giving it all he had in front of millions. He could have failed or done what he did. Arthur Ashe is someone not only tennis players but everyone can learn from. He is someone who tested the standards and did great at it.

Journal #2

If I could ’’jump’’ into the book Touching Spirit Bear right now I would first find Cole. If the main character died the book would be boring. all hope would be lost for Cole getting off the island safely and the side characters are not as interesting. Once I got to Cole I would make sure that he could last a little longer. I would give him some food, water, and a blanket. Right away I would transport myself to Garvey. I would do this because I believe that he is someone that truly cares for Cole. Once I got there I would inform him about Cole’s state and how he needs help.

I believe in the whole circle justice thing because I believe that some people don’t need another jail cell. Such people need to heal and to change. So I would ask for Cole to be sent back until he is well. I also don’t think Cole is in a condition to be living at home or in jail because his injuries, broken leg, broken arm, crushed skull and torn apart chest, are so extreme. Cole should live in some kind of medical jail. Once all is well physically he should be sent back to the island.

I would also go talk to Cole’s parents. When he gets off the island, it’s not like his dad would have changed. Cole is probably going to be with the same life as before. I think the dad needs circle justice. Staying at home won’t change Mr. Matthews. I would convince his mom that she doesn’t need to be afraid of Cole’s dad. She doesn’t live with him. She is a grown woman, and he’s not going to hurt her without someone knowing. I wouldn’t talk to Cole’s dad because Cole just needs to be taken away from him I would go get a social worker to deal with that. His dad is too dangerous.

The last thing I would do after I had accomplished everything else is to go look for the spirit bear. This sounds like a bad idea but I would make sure I had the right people with me and the right equipment. The spirit bear just interests me. I can’t really tell if he’s going to turn out to be a spirit or a real bear. I would tell Cole that if he leaves the bear alone the bear will do the same. Cole might not like me giving him advice, but I think it would be best for both of them.

I also really want to talk to Peter. It would be cool to know his views on this whole thing. I think he’s an interesting figure because he is the reason Cole is here. I have a feeling he’s going to come back into things.

Journal #1

One thing that keeps going through my head about this book is how many poor choices Cole is making.To burn down the supplies and house is like feeding yourself to death.He could survive this easily by just using what they give him and following their directions.He just doesn’t care what happens.
One the other hand I have been trying to think if I was him.That would be awful. Put yourself in Cole’s shoes.Your parents are drunks and don’t care about you. You would be taught to do whatever you wanted. Like in the book when Cole’s dad beats him with the metal side of a belt I was thinking why isn’t he running away? Then I realized that I wouldn’t run away.That could end in more beating. Would you run? So I have very mixed feelings on that topic.
I also was thinking about if you were on circle justice and sent to Alaska what would your plan be? It’s like being sent into the Hunger Games. What would you do?The two concepts are very similar.You need to survive in both and people don’t just hand you everything you need. Cole doesnt have people trying to kill him but he has the struggle of food,water,sleep,warmth and many others.If Iwas in Coles place my plan would be to use their stuff.It was given to you so you can live.
I always think about the people that help him.Why do they stick around and help him?I ask this because he’s so rude to Garvey and Edwin.I would help him at first but once he didn’t appreciate what I did I would be out .In my opinion its really cool but I would never have the patience. I understand Garvey was like Cole at his age so its his nature. The way Garvey gives cole his at.`oow is cool.It’s such a amazing thing how much trust he has in Cole. I think its really special and I hope cole makes him proud throughout the book.
I thought it would be kind of cool to be stranded on a island[i also thought it would be cool to break an arm].Now i realise it wouldn’t be!I can’t picture not having food on your plate it would be awful!Having a lack of sleep would be bad to.The fact of starvation scares me.Sadly I have a feeling Cole will face this soon.