~ List of some main characters found in the book

Cole Matthews- Cole Matthews is a boy with anger issues due to his father beating him, to get over his anger his is sent to an island for Circle Justice in Ketchikan, Alaska, after robbing a hardware store and beating a kids head in for 'telling on him'

Cindy Matthews {Cole's Mom}- A woman who gets drunk while Cole is getting beat because she's too scared to stop the beatings. She does care for Cole, its just she's too scared to show it.

Garvey {Cole's Parole Officer}- Garvey is Cole's parole officer, Garvey first offered Circle justice and is one of the few people who Care for Cole, and actually shows it.

Edwin {A tlingit elder}- He gives Cole wise advice, and visits the island once in a while.

Spirit Bear {mysterious bear}- Attacks Cole but eventually helps him realize that his anger is not worth it.
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The Keeper {The Leader of the Circle of Justice}- The Keeper holds Circle of Justice meetings and controls who speaks with the feather.

William Matthews {Cole's dad}- A man who beats his child, because his father did that to him.

Peter Driscol- Peter Driscol is the kid who got his head smashed into the sidewalk for reporting Cole to the police for robbing the hardware store.

Rosey {Nurse}- Nurses Cole to full health after he is mauled by the bear.