Touching Spirit Bear,

Chapter 8~ (Pg. 66) Coarse- "As the bear turned toward him again, Cole screamed, "No! No more!" but his words came out as coarse grunts." Coarse means to be harsh, or grating.

"When Cole's advance brought him within ten feet of the Spirit Bear, he made his move. He flung the spear with all his strength, fully intending to kill." This is an important part because this is another wrong decision that Cole has just made. What happens next is rather heart breaking and angering at the same time. "A blur of white motion deflected the shaft down into the grass as the bear lunged. Cole never even had time o raise the knife before the bear was on him, clubbing him down with a powerful blow. Cole's body folded and collapsed to the ground." This is sad because Cole has no way to fight back at all against the bear as the bear is mauling him senseless, perhaps this is the lesson that Cole is going to be taught. Peter was beaten numb, and now its Cole's turn to feel what Peter felt, maybe the Spirit bear knows what Peter wanted.

"This place held him prisoner more securely than prison its self." I think that this means that now since the spirit bear is here 'haunting' Cole he has something to be afraid of instead of just himself. When Cole is back in Minneapolis everyone is scared of him, but on the island Cole is scared of something instead of someone or something being scared of him. I think that this year at the island will help because the spirit bear is also there, I think it will also help being at the island because Cole will learn he is not as tough as he thinks he is.

"Was this how the world was doing to get rid of him?" I feel bad for Cole at this point because he thinks no one cares about him or what he does. When Cole says this it shows that Cole is a very unloved person, because he is always getting in trouble, and no one shows affection to him.

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