Touching Spirit Bear, Chapter 7- DEVIL'S CLUB220px-Oplopanax_horridus_15099.jpgThis is devils club

Keel- [Noun] [pg 58The main structure to hold up the boat on the dock. Running from the bow to the stern, to which the frames are attached.

DEVIL'S CLUB-pg.65- A large shrub primarily native to cool, moist, and dense forests of
North America. Devil's club is known to have large palmate leaves, and a woody stem with bristles. A Native American tribe called the Tlingit's use devil's club to make lip balm, ointment, medicine, and food.

Page:61:Mangy:Adjective:1.Contemptible; mean:A mangy trick. 2.squalid;shabby:A mangy little suburb.
In the book Spirit Bear Cole yells at the bear using the word mangy. I think he is saying this as a combination of both definitions.

Cavity- The cavity of the vertebre.

Rivulet (Noun): A small stream of liquid(P64)
Follow it to the Spring
Follow it to the Spring