Touching Spirit Bear - Chapter 3

"There are only two things wrong with me--everything I do and everything I say. They"ll never be happy until I'm dead"
This is an important quote because it really shows what Cole is going through. He just wants he parents to be happy and support him, but all they do is abuse and ignore him. The fact Cole said this to Garvey is important, because he's never opened up to anyone, let alone his parole officer. (Pg:28)

~Hearing Circle. A Circle Hearing is a meeting between anyone who feels that they are threatened, anybody who actually has been threatened, or just because they'd like to help out the person applying for circle justice. A feather goes around and everyone speaks from their hearts, without lying with their minds. Anyone is aloud to come to a Circle Hearing.In the book this word is used when Garvey says " First the keepers will prepare for the hearing circle, where everybody gets together to find a solution." (pg.32)

"Cole stared sullenly into the fire, then let his gaze wander. He had wanted revenge but felt little joy from this act" This quote caught my attention, it shows a turning change in Cole, and that he was beginning to regret burning down the shelter. He got his revenge, but in the end it didn't feel very good to know he might die due to no shelter, food water, supplies. The whole works. Little satisfaction was made from the act that Cole has made. (P. 31)

- On page 33 Garvey says " Forgiving isn't forgetting, Chump." This is an important quote in the book. I think that this quote means that they will forgive him, but he can't change the past I also like how he says chump instead of champ here.