Touching Spirit Bear - Chapter 2

~ An At'oow is a blanket from the Tlingit tradition. They are the most prized possession of the Tlingits. At'oow, translated into English, means an owned or purchased object. To have an at'oow they they have to have an ancestor. The payment to get one involved the death of an ancestor.
This is what an At'oow might look like depending on what tribe it comes from.
external image At.%252520%252527oow.jpg

''The gas ignited,and spread quickly into a steady blaze that crept over the boxes. Yellow flames turned orange and red,then burned with streaks of blue. As the fire became an inferno,Cole tried to swallow the bitter tast that had come to its mouth.'' I like this part, because I think Cole is noticing what he did. (This is found on page 25)
external image fire2.jpg
Inherit:To take possession of an object form an ancestor or elder (page 19) Verb
Hands passing on
Hands passing on