"We carved a perfect circle because every part of the circle is a beginning and an end."s one"
Quote made by: Cole Page: 239-240

"Then peter started kicking. To Cole it felt as if a sledgehammer was striking his chest and arms."
This is a good quote because it shows that Cole didn't target a weak scrawny boy.
It shows how powerful Peter the helpless victim can be. It also shows how weak
and helpless Cole the big scary fugitive can be.

7lb fibreglass handled sledgehammer
7lb fibreglass handled sledgehammer


"so your saying you trust me"

This is an important quote and an important part in this book because
it shows that just a little in the deepest darkest pit of Peters soul he trust
Cole. He may claim he doesn't but he does. By given Peter the ot.oow`
he shows that Cole trust Peter just not so much the other way around

"Could it be because every part of a circle is both a beginning and an end? And everything is connected?"

This is one of the important parts in the book because it is an overview of everything Cole has learneed
on the island so far. Even though Garvey said this Cole knows it true.
This is what Cole told peter in the woods.were all just part of this huge circle that we don't understand.

Page:238:Puzzled:{verb}To cause confusion.
Puppy looking puzzled
Puppy looking puzzled

Gaanaxadi Raven Crest Pole, Sitka National Historical Park, Alaska
Gaanaxadi Raven Crest Pole, Sitka National Historical Park, Alaska


Page:238:Chattering:{Verb}A series of quick high pitched sounds.

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