Page:166:''Cole started down,looking ahead toward the pond. A movement caught his attention,and he spotted a large white shape disappearing into the tall trees below.'' I think that the spirit bear or I should say this spirit bear comes to Cole. By that I mean he is Cole. You and I know he is not physically think in the mind they are one person. That is why the why had such a powerful connection. When Cole was angry so was the bear. When Cole reached out and touched the bear that was when Cole realized he wanted to live and that spirit bear was just an animal. I think that in spirit bears mind he was realizing that Cole was only human so he ran away. Then just in chapter 19 Cole had no anger and was going to leave the spirit bear alone so the spirit bear left Cole alone.If that was the spirit bear.

P.159 "Have a good sleep" called Garvey, "tomorrow we tear down the shelter and head back to Minneapolis" This quote shows that even though Garvey and Edwin trust him they don't trust him fully. They wouldn't hesitate to send him straight to jail.

galvanized-pg.159- To coat (metal, especially non iron or steel) with zinc.