Information for Chapter 14
pg. 115
"The guard watched with a close eye. He had wanted to handcuff Cole, but Garvey took him aside." This is an important part because it shows that Garvey has some trust in Cole, even if he shows it in the small way of not having Cole get handcuffed.

"I'm wishing I hadn't blown my chance at the island." When Cole says this can you tell that Cole wants to change? Or do you think this is another scam?

pg. 116
accusation- A claim that someone has done something illegal.
external image accusation.jpg&sa=X&ei=fMxhUNmYNuG8yAGi6IGICQ&ved=0CAkQ8wc&usg=AFQjCNGtTimKUyK5Sk98dqNvPLUz_Fl1rw

Page:121-122:I like in these pages how the mom talks to Cole and they kind of work out some of there problems. I think that if I was in Coles shoes I would forgive the mom because she really sounds like she's sorry and Cole's right she's not as bad as her dad. She never beat him. She just didn't stand up for him.

Page:117:Cartilage:{Noun}A firm,flexible connective tissue found in different parts of the body like the larynx and the ear{source:Bing Dictionary}

"Someday I'm going back to that island"

This is important because it shows he really does want to change. You know he isn't lying because he already knows hes going to jail and he has no reason to. He wouldn't lie because he's changing, at a slow rate at this point in this book but he still is and that's important. He also said it to Garvey who he really trusts.