Information for Chapter 12

Deceit- Falseness.

Manipulation- Shrewd management.

Page:102:'I'm okay,'' Cole succeeded in grunting weakly. I think this quote is important because I cant tell if he is saying that trying to keep the tough boy look or he is trying to say I'm okay as in I don't need your help. He also might be saying I'm okay as I am going to and I want to live.

Page:97:''Clinging to life was like hanging from the bar on the playground at school. He could hold on for a long time,but when his grip finally tired,his fingers slipped quickly and he fell.''I love this quote because its so true and in the situation Cole was in. It would be like hangging on to the bars. At some point your going to get tired and slip.The difference is Coles slipping away from life not a cold metal bar.