Touching Spirit Bear, Chapter 10~

"He wanted to hate somebody, to be angry, and to place blame on everything and everyone for this moment. but anger took energy, and Cole no longer had energy" This really speaks out to me because it shows that Cole has given up on hating and hurting anymore. He has given up completely on anger and might have changed.

throughout chapter ten~ I think that the sparrows might help Cole heal because after he saw the sparrows it seemed like he became more gentle. Cole seemed more gentle because he started to feel bad for the sparrows and he finally realized the circle.

Torsos:Page 87:Chapter 10:[Noun] the ''trunk'' of an animal. The book states, '' Hundreds of mosquitoes covered Cole's exposed skin, their tiny torsos swollen with blood.''
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Page:84:Hallucination:noun: False or distorted sensory experiences that appear to be real.''Maybe it was a vision or maybe just a thought. Maybe a hallucination,''Cole thinks

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Page:82:Envied:{noun}To feel envy toward. The book states, ''Cole envied the sparrows.'' Which means Cole was jealous of the sparrows.

Squandered: To scatter or spend money wastefully.