IMG_3625"so many said it couldn't be done all it took was an imagination" by Michael Phelps is the quote I chose .I chose this quote because Michael Phelps is an inspiration to many people, including myself. Michael is an inspiration to me because I am a swimmer and he set many world records that I hope to do someday. Michael became successful in something no one thought could be done. This quote tells anyone that almost anything can be accomplished, as long as you imagine it can be.
Phelps became successful because he had the 10% physical part down and the 90%mental part down, also he put a lot of hard work and practice into swimming. Michael took a big risk because he could either fail in front of many (A.K.A the world) or perhaps become the greatest swimmer in history, in which he did. Now since Michael became so successful the name, Michael Phelps, is one of the most commonly used names in America

I could visualize the part when Cole was getting mauled by Spirit Bear because the author put so much detail into that part. This part was also so easy to visualize because also along with all the detail the writer put a lot of description of Cole’s wounds and how and what the characters were saying. For example, “Cole stared down at his chest . The bear’s claws had raked him open. His shredded shirt exposed gashes with long strips of flesh missing.” I think this gives a lot of description because when you read it you can imagine how Cole’s shirt is shredded and the flesh showing.

Reading about Cole getting mauled by Spirit Bear I could also visualize it very well because it was kind of violent, especially when the bear broke Cole’s arm and ribs. When I was reading this part it was pretty easy to visualize because I read the whole Hunger Games series, which was also very violent. I think that violent scenes are easier to visualize because they are so intense that they intrigue the readers mind.

A great part to visualize would be when Cole pulled the chunk of white hair from the bear. As well as when Spirit Bear swung Cole back and forth. Then when Cole made the bear even more in rage because he was punching the bear. When I was reading I thought this would be a good part to add because when you read it you feel like you’re in Cole’s shoes. I felt like Cole when I read this part because of the elements the author put in added the extreme factor.

When I was reading this scene as well as the rest of the book I could feel like I was actually there with Cole getting sent to the island, trying to swim away, and getting mauled by the bear. The author, Ben Mikaelsen does a fantastic job using details throughout the whole book.

When I was reading the first three chapters of the book, I wondered why Cole chose to misbehave, then I got to thinking, maybe Cole misbehaves because he is frustrated with his life, because his parents never care about Cole, or his parents are too busy drinking. Also, I was wondering how the lawyers and police officers kept falling for Cole saying I’ll change over and over even though he didn’t over and over. But maybe the officers just think that Cole is a person who takes a long time to change. When Cole arrived at the island and tried to swim away in the freezing water I was thinking why would you do that? I would just stay for a year. Because I think it would be a very good lesson. I think it would be a good lesson because it would teach you that you are not as tough as you think because you are the only one taking care of yourself, and not having anyone else too take care of him, also he would learn responsibility because he would be taking care of himself. I would at least try to get better even if I did not want to.
When Cole threw the at `oow into the fire I was wondering how mad Garvey would be. I also felt bad for Garvey because he put his trust into Cole, but Cole did not prove that he was trustworthy by throwing the very special at`oow into the fire. If I was Garvey I would have made sure I could trust him before I gave him the at`oow. Because if I could not trust him then I would have not given it to Cole, unless he changed. Also I would make sure I could trust Cole before he went to the island. Because if I could trust him I would feel comfortable giving him the at`oow. I would only feel he changed if I saw improvement of attitude during my visits to the island .
Last I feel bad for Cole because his parents beat him, and do not care about him.You can tell his parents do not care about him because they beat him, yell at him, and do nothing for him. Do you hope Cole changes?